Merson i-level worked with leading security system company Checkpoint to install new security tags to all large format Tesco stores, with the final total running to over 7,000,000 tags installed.

The scale of the installation was UK-wide, ranging from Penzance in Cornwall’s south-western tip all the way up to Lerwick on the Shetland Islands, almost 1,000 miles away.

The installation work was carried out in two main phases: following trial installations in a small number of stores, the first rollout took place for Tesco Express stores and upon completion totalled almost 1,200 stores. Following this the second rollout took place, this time in Tesco Extra, Metro and Superstores eventually reaching 940 stores for a total of over 2,100 stores.

The nationwide installation programme included a total of 9,031 security antennae, 27,000 deactivation units and over 7,000,000 security labels.


Key Project Statistics

  • Site Visits: 1387
  • Sites per day: Varied according to schedule
  • Fitters on project: 1260 merchandisers
  • Items of data captured: 20805


Services provided

  • Full service POS